International Freight Solutions

White Knight Global Logistics

Effective global logistics has a bottom line impact on business.

However building the in depth knowledge required to successfully manage logistics is a full time job. White Knight Global Logistics delivers complete logistics solutions, allowing business owners to get back to doing what they do best.

For more than 30 years White Knight Global Logistics has distinguished itself as a leading provider for business importers and exporters, specializing in valuable cargo. It has done so thanks to a commitment to delivering a superior level of service.

Unlike competitors White Knight’s comprehensive knowledge of regulations extends beyond Australian borders. Plus experience and well established international partnerships ensures confident budget planning without any hidden costs.

Finally, White Knight Global Logistics offers business owners the kind of comprehensive service support that keeps customers coming back.

So if your cargo is valuable enough to want importing, exporting and customs brokerage that works right the first time, then it is worth choosing White Knight Global Logistics.

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The White Knight Difference

  1. International understanding
  2. Confident budget planning
  3. Seamless service